5 books you need to read about AI

5 books you need to read about AI

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Dewi Van De Vyver
Tech enthousiast, Inspiring Fifty Europe, ICT Women of the Year, Podcastmember Tech45, founder The Ada Talks

A lot has been said and told about AI and sometimes I do roll my eyes.

Because the conversations about AI becoming intelligent or the Chat GPT hallucinating is actually a side chat (pun intended) to the real conversation.

What about automated systems fed with information coming from where? With what bias? Who trained the system?

What about fake news? Fake videos? Transparency about the origin of the source?

What about women and especially the lack of data about women? What if we start using AI in medicine to predict diseases as a standard procedure?

What about the cost of AI?

I am searching for the other answers, the other truth. In doing so I read a lot and I like to share with you 5 must read books:

  1. The Atlas of AI - Kate Crawford
  2. Invisible Women - Caroline Perez
  3. Life 3.0 - Max Tegmark
  4. The Circle - Dave Eggers (fiction)
  5. Men who hate women - Laura Bates

They give a pretty complete idea about what our future could be, positive and negative. About bias, a world out of control, the dark side, the hidden costs.

I've added The Circle, because, although fiction, it leans really close towards our world today. What happens if we share everything, can we still be free? Please read the book and do not watch the movie. The ending is completely different. The books ending is more on the dark side.

Happy reading!

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