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Hi, I'm Dewi...


I've had a somewhat unconventional path to finding my career in the tech sector and in hindsight I wouldn't change it for the world.  But it wasn't a walk in the park.

Although I wanted to go study industrial engineering, my last high school years were a crystal ball into the future. It would be a harsh male world and at that time, after two years fighting for my right to be me, I felt I was not ready to start fighting again.

I am happy I started my master in Communication Science because it has given me the broad basis to look at todays world and see how technology enables communication between humans, between humans and machines and between machines.

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Comprehensible information, free for everyone

I believe in a world where information is comprehensible and free available for everyone. Digital tools can facilitate that belief.

By looking at the why people do what they do, who they are, what they need, technology can help us in our lives.

That is what I do, I help companies in their digital transformation and how to empower their users.

I talk and write about the need of more diversity and ethics in tech, and engage myself in diverse initiatives supporting this.

"I took me some time to realize there was only one path to pursue, and that is my own path."


In my spare time I like to run, travel, read, do pilates and spend time with my boys.
I am a family person, so whenever there is time, I love to spend it with them.

Keynote Speaker

I am regularly asked to perform a keynote. I am always grateful whenever I get asked. I love my audience so feel free to join me on one of my next keynotes.

I talk about digital transformation, Ethics in tech, why we need more STEM and women in tech, female entrepreneurship and sustainable leadership.

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