Growing as a leader and have outspoken opinions at the same time

Published on
February 2, 2024

Dewi van de Vyver, former CEO of Flowpilots, and CEO and co-founder of EFFEX, shares her journey as a leader and her passion for fighting wicked problems and biases.

ianka and Dewi discuss the importance of asking questions, being a generalist or specialist in leadership, and the impact of awards and titles. Dewi also talks about her transition from Flow Pilots to EFFEX and the challenges of defining success and following her passion. She emphasizes the value of non-conformism, thought-provoking discussions, and the impact of being on the autism spectrum. Finally, they discuss the need to address societal wicked problems and biases and the importance of challenging cultural upbringing.


⏱️00:00 Introduction and Background

03:17 Discovering Leadership Abilities

08:36 Generalist vs Specialist in Leadership

09:49 The Importance of Asking Questions

13:22 The Impact of Awards and Titles

16:14 Transitioning from Flow Pilots to EFFEX

18:11 Defining Success and Following Your Passion

21:30 Non-Conformism and Thought Provoking

28:11 From Jehovah's Witness to Independent Thinker

29:39 The Impact of Autism Spectrum

44:30 Fighting Wicked Problems and Biases

51:10 The Importance of Challenging Cultural Upbringing

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After a successful career as an actress in theater, television and film, ianka fleerackers resolutely chose entrepreneurship. She became fascinated by thought leadership and innovation. ianka decided to use her experience as an actress as well as that of director, radio producer, journalist, moderator, and author to mentor experts and emerging thought leaders.She managed to combine the best of both worlds: entrepreneurship and the artist's freedom of thought and action.She grows her brand & business by working smarter rather than harder. This keeps her in control of her time and energy. ianka is not a slave to algorithms, doesn't pay herself broke on ads, doesn't have to shout from the rooftops and chooses her clients herself. She shares that knowledge in the Thought Leaders Academy.

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