3 essential requirements for digital inclusion

3 essential requirements for digital inclusion

Written by
Dewi Van De Vyver
Tech enthousiast, Inspiring Fifty Europe, ICT Women of the Year, Podcastmember Tech45, founder The Ada Talks

The digital world is moving fast, creating the feeling that it is passing us by.
Most importantly, however, we need to remember that digital does not mean that you should suddenly stop thinking.

The tool may not always be easy to use but above all you need to have in mind what the tool should do/solve for you, this is especially important in the context of AI

To have digital inclusion, three important requirements must be met that support each other and cannot be done without each other.

First of all, you need access to digital tools.

It has to work, you need good internet, a good computer, a good infrastructure, an interface that is clear. If those basic conditions are not met then you can't blame anyone for not jumping on the digital bandwagon.

The second is digital literacy: it is important to focus on digital literacy.

These are

1. Media literacy, conscious critical and active use of media
2. Information literacy, searching, selecting, processing and using relevant information
3. Basic ICT skills, being able to deal with ICT
4. Computational thinking, formulating problems in such a way that they can be solved with the computer or other digital tools

Is the aim to turn everyone into programmers?

No, but these 4 skills give a broad picture of how the digital world works
and how reality and the virtual world relate to each other.

It allows you to look critically at information coming from digital tools.

The third is trust

That is about the usefulness of the application, that it helps, that it is to ease work and not to add to it.
That it is going to advance the employee, that it fits within the flow of activities and adds effective value.

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